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Engines of Creation
The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

K. Eric Drexler

Anchor Books, New York, 1986
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1990
Fourth Estate, London, 1996

Engines of Creation 2.0

WOWIO, 2007
Free 20th anniversary e-book edition
with follow-on papers and publications

创造的发动机, Beijing, 2005
Translation by Shine Zhao

Engins de création:
L'avènement des nanotechnologies

Vuibert, Paris, 2005
Introduction by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent
Translation by Marc Macé, revised by Thierry Hoquet

L’era prossima della nanotecnologia

Naples, 2003
Translation by Vincenzo Battista

Грядущая эра нанотехнологии   

St. Petersburg, 2000
Translation by Mikhail Korsanov
[Unrevised / не отредактирована]

La nanotecnología
El surgimiento de las máquinas de creación

Gedisa Editorial, Barcelona, 1993
Translation by José Angel Alvarez


Personal Media, Tokyo, 1992
Translation by Professor Masuo Aizawa

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Engines of Creation:
The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

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