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(2006 Miller) Cooperation that works: concurrency and secure computing

Describes how to structure object-oriented programming to enable software components to work together without mutual interference—a way to escape from fragile thread-based concurrency and the threat of viruses, and a way to enable safe use of potentially malicious software components written by un-trusted or unknown parties. A must-read document for anyone attempting to build a reliable, user-friendly, programmer-friendly, cooperation-enabling, virus-proof computing infrastructure: that is to say, large-scale software systems that can tolerate errors and enemies and actually work.

As computing becomes ever more ubiquitous, it becomes ever more important to our well-being, wealth, and safety. As best I can tell, if this work doesn’t lead to major changes in how crucial software is written, we're screwed.

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Miller MS. (2006) “Robust Composition: Towards a Unified Approach to Access Control and Concurrency Control” Johns Hopkins University, Baltiimore.

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