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Select recent and upcoming lectures

(2005-2006 selected milestones [pdf])

November 8-11 2008: Brussells, Belgium, Belgian National Congress, TBA

February 25-26 2008: Chapel Hill, NC, UNC, TBA

January 31 to February 3 2008: Kharagpur, India, at IIT Kharagpur for Kshitij 2008 technology symposium, TBA

October 9-13 2007: Washington, DC, SME Conference in conjunction with the Battelle Memorial Institute, “Mapping Roads toward Advanced Nanotechnologies” (Presentation of Technology Roadmap to Productive Nanosystems)

September 11 and 2007: in Hong Kong and New York, both with JP Morgan, “Nanotechnology - the Next Industrial Revolution: are we investing for the right future?”

September 5-9 2007: Dalian China, World Economic Forum New Leaders Forum, discussion leader in “New Frontiers in Nanotechnology”

August 3-4 2007: Mountain View, CA (Googleplex), Science Foo

June 29 - July 4 2007: Banff, Canada, Renaissance Weekend

11 December 2006: TBA Christmas Seminar, Heidelberg, Germany.

6 November 2006: TBA. ICE 2006, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

3-4 November 2006 TBA. Novartis/MIT forum, Cambridge, MA.

4-8 September 2006, TBA Symposium, Ministry of Construction and Transport, (Seoul, South Korea).

19 May 2006: Keynote Address, Proctor and Gamble, Inc. symposium Nostradamus 2010, (Cincinnati, OH).

29 March 2006: “Engineering from the Bottom Up”, Keynote address, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, (Los Angeles, CA).

12 January 2006: “Engineering from the bottom up: Productive nanosystems and the future of technology”, Public Seminar, National Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Initiative, National University of Singapore (Singapore).

8 December 2005: “Productive Nanosystems: Toward a Bottom-up Revolution in Organizing Matter”, Frontiers in Science award speaker, Society for Cosmetic Chemists (New York, NY).

31 July 2005 “Productive Nanosystems: Roadmap to a Bottom-up Revolution”, Symposium-wide plenary, Optics and Photonics 2005 (San Diego, California).

9-12 June 2005 “Design and Analysis of a Molecular Tool for Carbon Transfer in Mechanosynthesis”, presentation, China Nano 2005 (Beijing, China).

18-21 February 2005 Keynote Address at the 30th Anniversary SISCTI conference, Tecnologico de Monterrey, (Monterrey, Mexico).

8-9 February 2005 Invited Presenter, National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council workshop on Molecular Self-Assembly / Molecular Manufacturing (Washington, DC).

13-14 June 2004: Keynote address at the Millennium Technology Conference, Finnish Technology Award Foundation (Helsinki, Finland).

27 April 2004: “Breakthrough Technologies to Address the World’s Biggest Problems”, a lecture at the Arlington Institute Conference (Arlington, VA).

10 March 2004: “Strategic Goals in Nanotechnology”, a keynote address at the AccelerysWorld 2004 conference (San Diego, CA).

3 March 2004: “Nanotechnology: A World Divided”, the keynote address at “Imaging and Imagining Nanoscience & Engineering”, a conference sponsored by the NSF (Charleston, SC).

25 February 2004: “Nanotechology: Policy for the pending revolution”, the Hogan & Hartson Jurimetrics Lecture, Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ).

27 February 2004: “From Nano to Zetta”, keynote address, Silicon Valley Engineers Association Hall of Fame induction for Ted Hoss, Chang Lien Tien, and Steve Wozniak (Santa Clara, CA).

11 December 2003: Panelist in “Nanotechnology: The Money, Science, and Politics of the Next Big Thing”, a forum sponsored jointly by Cato Institute and The Economist magazine (Palo Alto, CA).

8 October 2003: “Nanotechnology: Toward the Feynman Vision”, a keynote address at the 3rd Nikkei Nanotech International Symposium (Tokyo, Japan).

22 September 2003: Workshop, Environmental Grantmakers Association retreat (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

8 August 2003: “Nanotechnology and Policy”, a lecture at the American Bar Association’s Section of Science & Technology Law annual meeting (San Francisco, CA).

7 August 2003: “Nanotechnology: Toward the Feynman Vision”, a lecture at Intel headquarters (Redwood City, CA).

25 April 2003: “Nanotechnology: Bringing Digital Control to Matter”, a keynote address at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (Santa Clara, CA).

A sample of organizations and conferences hosting previous lectures:

American Chemical Society
American Vacuum Society
Apple Computer
Applied Biosystems
Argonne National Laboratory
Bell Communications Research
Bell Labs Physics Colloquium
Boston University Dept. of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Distinguished Lecture
Duke University
ERATO (Japan)
Federal Express
Global Business Network
Gordon Research Conference on Immobilization and Biotechnology
Harvard University Dept. of Applied Science
Human Genome Conference
IBM Almaden
IBM Fishkill
IBM San Jose
IBM Zurich
IEEE Compcon (plenary)
Iowa State University
Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences
Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory
Micromachine Symposium (Japan)
Micronics Program (Sweden)
MITI (AIST, Japan)
Mitsubishi Research Institute
Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society (Dec. 98)
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NATO Advanced Workshop on Ultimate Limits of Fabrication and Measurement (keynote)
National Space Society
Office of Technology Assessment
Oregon Health Sciences University
PC Forum
Protein Engineering Research Institute (Japan)
Schlumberger Palo Alto Research Laboratory
SCISTAR (interactive satellite broadcast to elementary schools)
Solar Energy Research Institute
Stanford Center for Integrated Systems
Stanford Medical Center Immunology Seminar
Stanford University Computer Forum Distinguished Lecture
Sun Microsystems
Texas Instruments
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Union Carbide
University of Basel
University of California at Berkeley
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Linkšping (Sweden)
University of Lund (Sweden)
University of Southern California
University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Dallas
University of Tokyo Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
University of Washington Physics Colloquium
U.S. Dept. of Defense (Pentagon)
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
U.S. Navy (various)
U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology, and Space
U.S. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
W. Alton Jones Foundation
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
World Economic Forum (plenary)
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, Distinguished Lecturers Forum