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(2004 Shih et al.) Design and synthesis of a rigid DNA octahedron

Reports the design and synthesis of a 1,669-nucleotide, single-stranded DNA molecule that is amplified by polymerases and that folds into an octahedron structure by a simple denaturation-renaturation procedure. Cryo-electron microscopy showed that the DNA strands fold to form hollow octahedra ~ 22 nanometres in diameter. Because the base-pair sequence of individual struts is not repeated in a given octahedron, each strut is uniquely addressable by the appropriate sequence-specific DNA binder.

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Shih WM; Quispe JD Joyce GF. (2004) “A 1.7-kilobase single-stranded DNA that folds into a nanoscale octahedron” Nature 427:618-21