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How this site is organized and linked

Pages in the main section of share a basic pattern. All pages form a hierarchy under the home page. Arrows just below the top bar linke to the previous (), parent (), and next () pages in the tree structure (grayed as appropriate)

Between the bars are three regions. The top region (this one) contains a headline and general content. The bottom region (inside the box) contains links to resource pages outside this site. The middle region (below the line, above the box) contains a list of links to other pages inside this site, and each link in the list displays the headline of the page it links to. If the list is marked with down arrows (), the links define part of the hierarchical structure and the linked pages can be browsed in order using the arrows in the bottom bar of each page. If the list is marked with bullets or arrows (,,), the links serve more general purposes — explaining, elaborating, providing context. Bullets can lead anywhere; arrows again indicate previous and next pages. Finally, the site-map page contains (in its top region) an indented outline displaying the headlines of every page, with parent pages in bold.

The orderly link-and-headline patterns described above are maintained by a Lisp program that reads and rewrites the pages. Page URLs are independent of the site’s organization, and will not change when the site is reorganized. Interior links should always be intact, and should usually lead to pages that load quickly.

An example of a within-site link:

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