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Nanomachine An artificial eutactic mechanical device that relies on nanometer-scale components; see molecular machine.
Nanomechanical Pertaining to nanomachines.
Nanoscale On a scale of nanometers, from atomic dimensions to ~100 nm.
Nanosystem A eutactic set of nanoscale components working together to serve a set of purposes; complex nanosystems can be of macroscopic size.
Nanotechnology In recent general usage, any technology related to features of nanometer scale: thin films, fine particles, chemical synthesis, advanced microlithography, and so forth. As introduced by the author, a technology based on the ability to build structures to complex, atomic specifications by means of mechanosynthesis; this can be termed molecular nanotechnology.
NMOS An acronym for n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor, as in NMOS transistor and NMOS logic.
Nucleus The positively charged core of an atom, an object of ~0.00001 atomic diameters containing >99.9% of the atomic mass. Nuclear positions define atomic positions.


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